Consulting for Your Manufacturing Project

Certified Fixture & Gauge has an expert team that will help during every phase of the development and manufacture of your automotive gauge or fixture.

Simply contact us and we can take your plans and develop, manufacture, test and deploy your project. We have 25 years of experience developing a full range of parts including the aerospace industry. Every job requires accuracy and skill to develop a part, gauge or fixture that is reliable and consistent for your production.

Development from Plans to Completion

The reliable, competent staff and management at Certified Fixture & Gauge will work closely with you and your team to ensure that your product is completed efficiently and properly.

Our skills are focused on CAD⁄CAM development and implementation of manufacturing parts, fictures and gauges for your industry.

High quality, expert manufacturing is what Certified Fixture & Gaugegaurentees! We have assembled a highly skilled team dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

Contact us today for a quote or to schedule a meeting to review your fixture or gauge project.


Custom Built Checking Fixtures and Gauges

We custom design and build precision checking fixtures and gauges to our customer’s specifications, including:

Our fixtures and gauges range from small stamping pieces to large moulded plastic components in addition to automotive brake and fuel line gauges.

  • Multiple part assemblies on the same fixture with multiple datum structures
  • Attribute or variable with flush nominal trim verification
  • Testing fixtures
  • Different construction materials (aluminum, steel and synthetic materials)
  • CMM holding and welding fixtures


Our CAD/ CAM capabilities include:

  • 12 seats of VISI Solid Model software
  • 1 seat of MasterCAM
  • Full 3⁄5 Axis Machining programming capabilities
  • 3D modeling of part and tooling
  • Cutter path generation from a 3D model

We can accept many different file formats including: IGES, VDAFS, SAT, STEP, CATIA, PRT, and PRT.1.

Production MachiningHaas_TL1_Small

Our production machining capabilities include:

  • Prototype to high volume production quantities
  • Simple to complex parts
  • In-house CMM quality assurance lab

We can machine a full range of materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Aerospace Alloys
  • High Temp Alloys
  • Synthetic Materials

We serve the following industries already, can we help in your industry if it is not listed?

  • Automotive
  • Military
  • Energy
  • Construction Vehicles
  • Recreational Vehicles